2018 Festival Proceeds

We are pleased to announce that proceeds from the 2018 Tavi's Fairy Festival will be donated to

The James Henry Ransom Foundation.






ABOUT THE FOUNDATION: Our son and brother, James Ransom, was an average 13-year old boy. But he was also exceptional in every way. He was inquisitive, funny, quirky, brilliant and kind. He had a thirst for knowledge and learning everything he could about every subject. James was well-liked by his friends, adults and animals alike. And James, as the only boy in our family, was very much loved by us. James was doing well in middle school, taking coding classes at Saddleback college, and looking for ways to accelerate his studies. James also loved Pop Warner football and was a starting offensive and defensive lineman for his team.


On September 12, 2015, James was speared in the head by another player during a football game. He knew he was hit hard, but kept playing the game. He also practiced the following week. By the following Wednesday, James started complaining of intense dizziness and nausea. By the following Friday, it had been determined that he had suffered a concussion and the normal concussion protocol was followed. Within three weeks, our family noticed drastic changes in James’s personality and behavior. Our once sweet and quirky boy was now angry and aggressive. We sought every medical and psychological recommendation that was provided. James had a third nerve palsy in his left eye and could not balance properly. He was seen by a pediatrician, concussion specialist, neurologist, psychologists, ophthalmologist, and many other professionals. James now displayed extreme obsessive-compulsive behavior and other mental issues. His once mild quirkiness was out of control. His tolerance and temperament were not at all like the James we knew and loved. School, which had once been his passion, made him agitated and sick. At the end of 2015, James attempted to take his own life.


James was admitted to a neuropsychiatric hospital, where he stayed for an extended period of time until he was stabilized and released. He also received services from other providers and hospitals. Our family and friends rallied together and tried everything to make sure James received the best care available. James was under psychiatric care, taking medication, and working through his feelings. We thought things were better – James reintegrated back to traditional school, had lots of friends, and by all appearances, seemed to have overcome his issues. On November 30, 2016, 4 days after our family returned from a trip to Hawaii for Thanksgiving, for reasons we will never understand, James took his own life.  The James Henry Ransom Foundation was established by his family and friends with the hope of bringing about change to how we approach adolescent mental and behavioral health.




Event photos courtesy of Deanne Andrus


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