Tavi's Tea Party


May 13, 2023





The Gardens @ 24 Julia Street

Ladera Ranch, CA 92694




We'll see you next year!







A Fancy Tea Time Feast for Tavi's Fairy Friends. Come dressed in your most perfectly posh outfit and enjoy a magical tea time experience! Princesses and princes of all-ages welcome!










We'll see you next year!


Assorted Tea Sandwiches

 Sweet Treats


Fairy Garden Adventure

Photo Opportunities



Book Drive

Questions? Or for more information, please call 949.306.2926

Meet Tavi

Fancy is just one word that describes Tavi.  Fancy hair, painted nails and beautiful dresses were just a few of her favorite things.  Tavi loved anything that gave her the opportunity to spend one on one time together with someone she loved.  If it wasn’t getting fancy, it was cuddling and reading books.  We don’t recall a single moment in Tavi’s life when she wasn’t up for reading at least one more book, even if it was midnight and we had already read 30 books that evening.  She laughed at all of her favorite parts, even when it was the thousandth time she had heard the punch line.


In January of 2011 Tavi received a computer that would change her life for good.  With only using her eyes to navigate the computer, she was able to open her world to all those around her and for the first time in her life, communicate with others, choose games and books to read on her own, and speak basic requests for things she desired.  Tavi’s favorite request on the computer was clicking on an icon that said, “read me a book please”. Every time Tavi made that request our hearts filled with gratitude for her new ability to be able to ask for a book, and we gladly dropped whatever we were doing to read to her.  While requesting a book was Tavi’s favorite icon to click on, our favorite was when she would click on “Mom” or “Dad” and say, “I love you”.  Such simple words, but when it takes 5 ½ years for your child to be able to communicate them, they mean that much more and fill your heart with pure joy and gratitude.


Tavi would teach all those around her that life is a gift, and regardless of what you can or cannot physically do, we are children of God and through him we can let our doctors limitations they give us go in one ear and out the other, we can believe that we can one day read books on our own even if it’s only with our eyes, we can touch hearts and teach life lessons without ever verbally saying a word.  And if we desire to tell those closest to us that we love them, even if it’s not physically possible, through patience and time it can be achieved if we never give up and believe that God will provide a way.


While housed in an imperfect body, Tavi is most certainly one of Gods sweetest spirits. Only a special daughter of God like Tavi could ever teach those around her knowledge and attributes known only by those in the heavens above.  Tavi came to this earth to receive a body, and she remained on this earth not to be tested, but to test those around her.  We will forever be grateful for her gracing us with her presence and enduring the challenges she was faced with simply so that she could make us all better people and help us be better prepared to return to back into the presence of our Father in Heaven.


~ Brad Cook, Tavi's proud Daddy

When our sweet little Tavi was born on July 8, 2005 we had no idea just how sweet she was.  We had been married for nearly 5 years and felt we were well prepared to teach our first little gift from God everything she needed to know in order to be successful in this life and teach her the ways of the Gospel.  We couldn’t have been more wrong.  It didn’t take long before we realized that our sweet little Tavi was not here to be taught, she was here to be loved as she served her purpose on this earth, which was gaining a physical body and teaching everyone she came in contact with.  We soon became the students, and Tavi has since been our teacher. As parents, we were blessed for nearly 7 years to have an angel live in our home.  When Tavi was 9 months old we were told that she would live until she was 2 years of age.  The moment we received the word from the doctors, we vowed to her that we would dedicate our lives to her so that she could fulfill her greatest potential here upon the earth, and while doing so, we would never take a single day for granted and we would enjoy each moment we had her in our presence.




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